Check Out These Alternatives For McAfee Firewall Errors – You come to know that your McAfee activate is at risk when you detect a problem in your McAfee software. When you witness an exclamation mark showing an at-risk sign on your McAfee software, it is a red flag. This at-risk sign would make changes in the Protection Status. This change is indicated by color – green color to gray or red color. This McAfee Protection status change means that your McAfee Firewall is disabled.


The changes in the McAfee activate protection software status is due to:

  • McAfee Firewall disabled after McAfee installation: You must check your McAfee inbox messages and change the status.
  • McAfee Firewall not installed properly: You must check if McAfee Firewall is properly and completely installed on your device.

Furthermore, you may mcafee download and run the McAfee Activate Diagnose and McAfee repair tool for your PC. As McAfee Diagnose and McAfee repair tool is an automated tool that surely resolves the issues regarding your McAfee product, they are always a plus.

In unfavorable situations when the McAfee Diagnose and McAfee repair tool are not being helpful regarding the issues that you are facing, you must follow these given steps:

  • Try to enable the McAfee firewall manually
  • Open your McAfee product and click on the ‘Turn it on’ button. This “Turn it on” button must be highlighted in the blue box
  • Return to the main page and check if the McAfee firewall is active (on) now
  • Now check if the McAfee at-risk message is gone and that the McAfee firewall is on

If the McAfee Firewall is still off, follow the next set of steps to resolve this issue:

  • Login to your account  and search  for McAfee Virtual Technician
  • Run McAfee Virtual Technician
  • Install the McAfee Firewall straight from your Home tab of the McAfee product
  • You will see an Install button in blue. Click on this Install button and begin with the installation

If this McAfee install button is not visible, kindly follow the next set of instructions given below:

  • From reinstall your McAfee software
  • Uninstall your McAfee firewall and begin downloading the McAfee Pre-Install Tool
  • Tap on the Pre Install_Tool.exe file and simply follow the prompts given
  • Read the McAfee warning messages carefully. Click OK to agree to the changes
  • After the completion of the McAfee Pre-Install tool, click OK and close the tab
  • Shut down and Restart the computer
  • Begin with the installation of your McAfee software

These troubleshooting steps will definitely help you resolve any McAfee software issue.

We are here to help you 24/7 with any McAfee technical issue. Our proficient McAfee support team members can help you on call, on chat or through email. All you need to do is reach out on our toll-free number. You can also send us an email. Don’t worry, we usually respond within 24 hours.

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