January 28, 2019

McAfee Activate 25-digit code – McAfee 25 digit activation code – McAfee.com/Activate

McAfee activate 25 digit code helps you get the access to the paid services that do not only protect your data against cyber intrusions but brings off other facilities. Depending on your McAfee activate product plan, you receive a selective set of features. For example, if you buy McAfee LiveSafe, the features will be safe web browsing, computer performance optimization, password management and so.


How to buy McAfee Activate 25 digit code?

Regardless of the McAfee activate plan you buy, you will collect McAfee 25 digit activation code either via email or by McAfee retail card activation code.

Buy McAfee at Amazon Retail shop:

Since McAfee retail card is a hard copy of McAfee activate 25-digit code, you will find it on the pack. You can buy it from any retail shop near you or buy McAfee at Amazon. To redeem McAfee activate 25-digit code, you will require opening the pack and you will see the code along with a link where you need to locate it.

McAfee.com/activate or third-party websites:

To buy a McAfee serial number for activation via online, create an account on mcafee.com/activate, verify the email address, and select a plan from the home page. Complete the payment procedure and you will receive your code on the same email address you used to create a McAfee account.

Where to locate McAfee activate 25 digit code to download the software?

  1. Go to www.mcafee.com/activate page
  2. On the home page, enter your McAfee serial number for activation
  3. Click submit
  4. Log in to your McAfee account associated with www.mcafee.com -activate
  5. From your profile, you will see an option to ‘download your software’
  6. Click download
  7. Open the file or package you downloaded
  8. Run the installation
  9. Follow the on-screen procedure and install McAfee activate

You can skip the above steps if you already have the software. Besides, make sure that security software is actively working. Expired McAfee subscription will make your device vulnerable to threats and viruses. Hence, check whether the plan is valid or not. If not then renew your McAfee activate 25-digit code.

If your Auto-Renewal for subscription is disabled, you will get reminders a month before the subscription expires. When you see the first reminder, it is time to renew to software.

  1. Go to mcafee.com/activate and click on the icon to land on the home page
  2. Take cursor to ‘My Account’ from the top menu bar and click Sign In as the options drop down
  3. Enter your login details associated with mcafee com activate
  4. From your profile > My Account > Subscriptions
  5. Press Renew for the appropriate service
  6. Follow the proceeding steps and if required, type your billing information

With just a few simple steps, you can renew your subscription and keep the security walls up. Subsequently, do not forget to check the renewal status.

How to verify whether the subscription is successfully renewed?

  1. Open a new tab and log in to the account you used to create Mcafee.com/activate account. If the renewal was successful, you will see an order confirmation email. The subject of the email is ‘Automatic Renewal Notification’. As you open the email, you will find the following information:
  • Subscriber’s name on the account
  • McAfee activate order number for the renewal
  • Renewal date
  • McAfee product name that has been renewed
  • Billing details

In case of any error, get in touch with the official McAfee customer support team to get instant assistance.

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