December 19, 2018

McAfee Activate 25 digit code – – McAfee provides a wide range of online and offline security services with a different set of features depending on the product. If you are willing to have a subscription of any McAfee product or have already purchased, it is essential to get McAfee activate using the activation code.


To know how to redeem McAfee activate 25 digit code via an offline or online purchase, refer to the information below.

Steps to purchase McAfee retail card and redeem license key code Offline:

If you have purchased McAfee retail card from a retail store then follow directions to redeem your McAfee retail card and activate the subscription.

  1. You will find the McAfee 25-digit activation code and a link below it, inside the package.
  2. Execute the instructions printed on the package such as scratching
  3. After redeeming the license key code, you can now proceed to and activate McAfee on your system, make sure you have already installed the software on your device.

Where to locate the activation code for McAfee Activate?

  1. Open a browser and either visit or type the link printed on the McAfee retail card
  2. On the main page in the middle-right section, select your country and language
    1. The McAfee registration page will try to detect your region, but it is not always detected correctly. Make sure to re-check the information and then submit
  3. Enter your McAfee 25-digit activation code in the field
  4. Type the email address associated with your McAfee account, or use one on which you want to receive updates of the software (use the same email address to create your McAfee account)
  5. Recheck and submit the entry
  6. When directed to the next page, confirm that the email address you have provided is correct. In case, the email address is incorrect, do the following:
    1. Click ‘Edit’ to go back to the previous page
    2. Change or correct the email address
  7. Proceed by clicking the ‘Verify’ button

The McAfee product you have is now activated. You can download and install McAfee activation code on your system. Keep checking for the updates in order to avoid delay to continue the activation. Also, if the validity of the software is about to expire, renew the subscription within 30 days so you don’t get an altered activation code.

In case of an error, get McAfee customer support to resolve the issue.

Steps to Purchase and Redeem your McAfee 25-digit activation code Online:

  1. Open and updated version of Web Browser and visit the link –
  2. On the appeared page, simply click on the ‘Download your software’ link given right below the option of “Enter your 25-digit activation code”
  3. When prompted to the McAfee login page, use your account details to log in or if you don’t have a McAfee account, click on ‘Register Now’ button
    1. Enter all the required details and proceed to with the instruction that are being displayed on the screen. Click ‘Sign up’ or ‘Register’ option to complete the process
  4. Login to your McAfee my account and from the menu, select the product you want to purchase or have already purchased
  5. Do the payment step if you are subscribing to McAfee activate and then proceed to follow the next step
  6. You will receive a unique McAfee 25-digit activation code on the email address you used to sign up your account
  7. If you have made the payment but have not received your McAfee activation key code, connect to McAfee support immediately
  8. When prompted to the next page, redeem your McAfee license key code and type it in the field of “Enter your 25-digit activation code”
  9. Recheck to avoid error and hit the Submit button
  10. You will now find a clickable download button for the McAfee product you have purchased. Click on Download your Software and install the software on your device

You have successfully activated McAfee on your device. Get a timely update of your McAfee subscription to stay activated. If you exceed the McAfee Activate validity limit, you might require purchasing the product again doing the same process. However, in case you encounter any complexity while performing the steps, connect to McAfee customer support.

If your product is showing any error related to activation key code, connect to McAfee Customer Support to resolve your problem. A few of McAfee activation code errors are mentioned below-

List of McAfee activate 25 digit code errors

  • Used McAfee activation code
  • Incorrect McAfee activate 25 digit code
  • Unable to locate McAfee license key code

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